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Toltec™ Migration Tool
Easy step-by-step migration of your mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, other groupware data and global address list (GAL) from a Microsoft Exchange server to a Kolab server. In the migration process the groupware objects and mail is translated to the Kolab-XML format. This format can be used by Toltec™ enabled Microsoft Outlook clients and other Kolab-XML clients like Kontact and Horde.

WARNING: Please make a backup of your Microsoft Exchange mail store before attempting a migration. Although the Toltec™ Migration Tool does not modify any data on the Microsoft Exchange server, it is a good practice to make a backup prior to doing such a big batch operation on the server.

  • The demo mode version of the Toltec™ Migration Tool will only migrate the 25 most recently created messages and groupware objects for each folder.
  • Currently the migration tool only supports migration from the Exchange server to one master Kolab server.
  • The migration tool has only been tested with Exchange 2003/2007.
How to use:
  • Install the Toltec™ Migration Tool on a work station with Windows XP or later and Outlook 2003/2007. ( Note: The migration tool cannot be installed on the Exchange server.)
  • A special account must be created on the Microsoft Exchange server and the account placed in the "Exchange Domain User" group.
  • Create a new profile on the workstation using the special account details.
  • Start up Outlook and log into the new profile, then close Outlook.
  • Start the migration tool and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • The migration workstation should be physically secured and password protected. This is needed as the workstation will have full access to all the accounts on the Exchange server.
  • The migration workstation should have at least 1 GB of RAM.
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