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The Toltec" Connector is middleware that enables Microsoft Outlook to use an IMAP4 server while still using the functionality of the "Corporate or Workgroup" mode instead of "Internet Only" mode.

This exciting product provides Microsoft Outlook with the ability to use an IMAP4 mailbox as an Outlook information store. This information store can hold any Outlook item and is not just limited to messages.

You will now be able to share calendar information, individual folders and contacts with supported IMAP4 servers. Most of the IMAP4 servers are open source and runs on a variety of operating systems including Linux. This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership to the company.

Supported Functionality

The following native Microsoft Outlook functionality can be used in conjunction with the Toltec" Connector: Outlook Calendar Sharing * Publishing Free/Busy * Contact Manager * Task List * Outlook Notes * Activity Journal * Shared Folders * Auto Archiving * New Mail Notification * Send/Receive Group/Meeting Requests * And more ...

Multilingual Support

As of version 1.7, Toltec" Connector includes multilingual support, which means you can now use the Toltec" Connector in English, German or Afrikaans. Also, the Installation Software is available in English and German.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98SE/NTSP6/ME/2000/XP
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007*

*Toltec Connector in Classic format supports Outlook 98.

Supported IMAP4 Servers

  • The IMAP4 server must support the following commands and extensions:
    NAMESPACE (different names for the inbox mailboxes and shared mailboxes), ACL, UIDPLUS, STARTTLS, AUTH=PLAIN, AUTH=CRAM-MD5.
  • The connector was tested on the Cyrus-IMAP server. This server supports all the needed extensions.
  • For a groupware solution we used the KOLAB server project for testing. This server incorporates the Cyrus-IMAP server.

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