Toltec™ Connector 2.0 Release Candidate


The Toltec" Connector is middleware that enables Microsoft Outlook to use an IMAP4 server while still using the functionality of the "Corporate or Workgroup" mode instead of "Internet Only" mode.

Version 2 of this product introduces support for the Kolab-XML format that allows other clients to inter operate with the Toltec" Connector. Currently KDE Kontact (Proko2 Branch) supports the new format and support is being added to the Horde web client.

License Key for the Toltec" Connector 2.0

All purchased Toltec" Connector v1.0 License Keys are valid for version 2.0 and no upgrade fee is payable.

If you currently do not have a License Key, please visit our Free Trial page.

IMAP4 Servers

Kolab 2

The new version of the Toltec" Connector was developed using the new Kolab 2 groupware server.

Information and documentation about the Kolab 2 server and the Email clients can be found on the Kolab WIKI.

Cyrus IMAP4

To use a Cyrus IMAP4 server you need to do the following:

  • Use Cyrus IMAP versions 2.2.x
  • Apply the ANNOTATEMORE patch, that adds supports for custom annotation. You can download the patch from here.
  • Compile Cyrus IMAP4 with Cyrus SASL, supporting CRAM-MD5 and/or PLAIN (with TLS support).
  • In the imapd.conf disable altnamespace.

  • Documentation

    The following documentation was obtained from the Kolab CVS:

    KDE Kolab client configuration ( Kontact ) and Kolab2 server configuration (1.66MB)

    Toltec Connector v2 Manual for Outlook 2003 ( 781B )

    These documents will be updated regularly.


    The new version is available form the main Download page.

    Change Log

    Change log RC2 -> RC3:
    • Implemented a library that reads signed e-mail messages.
    • Fixed a problem where Outlook crashes after synchronizing the Task folder.
    • Removed the flicker of the display in the Toltec Connector update dialog.
    • Fixed an issue that removed line breaks during quote-printable decoding of RFC2822 mails.
    • Fixed the listing of contact objects in the Outlook Address Book.
    • Fixed the display name in the Outlook Address Book of contacts.
    • Did some work on a speed increase when synchronizing folder after the initial synchronization is completed. This helps with very slow connections.
    • Fixed a problem where tasks could not be save to the server in the German version of Outlook.
    • Fixed a memory leak when saving sticky notes to the server.
    • Implemented the Kolab-XML distribution list object.

    Change log RC3 -> RC4:
    • Added support for creating UNICODE PST files in Outlook 2003
    • When a PST file is mapped all old synchronization databases are removed
    • Fixed a spelling mistake
    • Corrected numbering in the mapping wizard
    • Fixed memory leak in the loading of the license key
    • Fixed an issue where reminders where triggered incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue where calendar items would not be displayed in the normal calendar view.
    • Optimize folder synchronization so that it would only be done once for a list of queued folder.
    • All the folders in the synchronization queue will now use the same IMAP4 server connection. In the past a connection was made for each folder.
    • When detaching a PST file all the shared folders are marked as [UNSHARED].
    • When access to a shared folder is removed the folder is also marked as [UNSHARED].
    • Added concurrent connection copy protection.
    • Added support for Kolab public/shared folders.
    • Added reading of event recurrence.
    • Documentation for Outlook 2003.

    Change log RC4 -> Final Release:
    • Updated and added German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Flemish translations.
    • Fixed the issue where no more folders are synchronized after the status dialog box is closed.
    • Fixed the issue where a NIL character was introduced into the MAPI to RFC2822 translation in rare cases.
    • Fixed an issue where the Kolab annotation to a folder was set to “o-” instead of the default “mail”.
    • Fixed the issue where shared folder would not reappear after being deleted.
    • Fixed a problem with folder creation in Classic Fomat.

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